Behind the Public Eye

Set in one of Melbourne’s oldest underground toilets, this performance installation presents vignettes and other installed moments of womens’ use of the public convenience. The audience is split into two groups, one of which enters the underground female toilets while the other group remain outside with an invitation to have a private moment in the mens’ underground toilets. In the womens’ toilets the audience are free to wander the toilet block. Some of the doors are closed others are open…experience 11 installations in the various cubicles. The audience  are then guided to the central area and witness a variety of characters intersect. A drama is played out. The second group waits outside and watch the demise of a tragic street performer.

GPO Underground Public Women’s Toilets, Cnr Elizabeth and Bourke Sts

Lead Artist Susie Dee. Performers Carmelina Di Guglielmo, Olivia Monticcilio, David Joseph, Penny Barron, Nicci Wilks, Amanda Ma, Renae Shadler. Video Design Nicholas Verso. Sound Design Darius Kedros. Lighting Design Bronwyn Pringle.

Available through the 24 Hour, 12 Hour or 4 Hour Passes


No Catering

450 Metres
6 minutes

Not Accessible
Not Accessible

Strong language. Adult themes

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24Hr Experience