Beaufort Wind Lounge

Beaufort Wind Lounge

Audience are invited to chill out and are treated to tea and a sweet, served by a singing wind goddess, or perhaps an air hostess, as a sensory world unfolds around them. From the Wind Lounge, enter Wind Tunnel, for the countdown to a hurricane. An interactive performance installation, inspired by the wind and punctuated by the making and serving of tea. All choices are random, but always there is a pattern, just as the air that circulates our planet.

The Atrium, Federation Square

Lead Artist Sandra Fiona Long. Design Emily Barrie. Performers Jodee Mundy and Ria Soemardjo.  Voices Amy Spruce, Ruth Sancho Huerga, James Saunders, Stefan Lefabre, Sandra Fiona Long.

Available through the 24 Hour, 12 Hour or 4 Hour Passes


Cup of Tea & Cake
Tea & Sweet

2 minutes

Loud Effects

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24Hr Experience