We will be updating this section regularly so please check back to read about changes and updates to the 24 Hour Experience.

Please come to The 24 Hour Experience Headquarters at 34 Lydiard Street South half an hour before your ticket commences for your travel pack and briefing session.

Every show starts on the hour PRECISELY so please don’t be late. Some shows will not accept latecomers.

You will be able to take naps and toilet stops along the way.

Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Don’t bring anything unnecessary with you. We will give you a travel backpack with water, an over the shoulder seat and a blanket.

If you have a smart phone, please bring it with you.

34 Lydiard Street South will be a 24 Hour Experience information, rest and toilet stop throughout the 24 hours. If you ever get lost – HEAD TO HEADQUARTERS.


Learn more about the 24 Hour Experience.

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24Hr Experience